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Line Office is a company specialized in partition walls.
Line Office is a company specialized in demountable partition walls. It was born from that typical Italian business creativity as a small crafts-work company that’s grown and become important in the Italian market over the time. And all of this, because it still maintains the best strengths of a family firm with its high-level artisanal quality, the ongoing dialogue with its customers and response to their needs, a versatile and immediate business approach to problem solving, the care lavished on every detail up to perfection.
Today our industrial highly-skilled staff can handle projects of any size through a complete service up to turnkey delivery.


Line Office
Leader of Growth and Performance

Affari e Finanza RepubblicaJanuary, 29th, 2018 year 33 n°4

Innovation, courage, expertise, a great deal of sacrifice and spirit of enterprise.
These are the words I would use to describe my company.

CEO L. Focarini

Why choose Line Office


Our space division solutions are totally Made in Italy, a guarantee and synonymous with quality and reliability. Our mission is designing, manufacturing and furnishing a neutral space with style and functionality until it becomes an appropriate and ideal workplace.


The designing and manufacturing of our demountable partition walls are carried out in our plant.
Our qualified technical staff closely follows all manufacturing phases, from the choice of the components to their finishing. Production monitoring and artisanal quality distinguish us on the market and determine the high standards of our partition walls.


Our plus factor is “customization” as we adapt materials (glass, aluminum, melamine and prestigious wood essences), colors, profiles and finishes to our customers’ requirements to offer bespoke products of the highest quality, just like haute-couture dresses. Our partition wall systems shape, define and personalize the spaces of each Customer.


Customer loyalty is worth more than any advertising campaign. Our company guarantees fast services at prices that are always competitive. Line Office makes offers quickly, likes swift commercial negotiations, short deliveries and rapid installation.